Warning: if you choose to visit any of the abandoned places listed on this website you do so at your own risk and peril. The information posted on this website is not meant to encourage anyone to visit these places, though locations, addresses, directions, and similar information may be provided for individuals to use at their personal discretion. Information, such as “Tips for Visiting” are provided not to encourage anyone to visit these places, but to help them make informed decisions and, if they decide to visit, to do so as safely as possible.


Many places listed here may be located on private property. Per Louisiana state law, criminal trespass can occur even if the property is not posted or fenced. Louisiana state law changed significantly in 2003, with the responsibility being put on the trespasser to realize that he or she is trespassing, rather than on the owner to inform people to keep off of his or her land. Louisiana state representative Francis Thompson, a co-author of the 2003 law, was quoted as saying “If you’re not on your own property, you’re obviously on someone else’s. So you better have permission.” The law was changed to help protect landowners from liability and fraud (such as when someone claims injury while they are trespassing), but the law makes the issue of criminal trespass very clear in most instances. For more information, go to:




Local ordinances and laws may also cover the issue of trespassing. Some abandoned places may be located on federal properties and, thus, may be governed by an entirely different set of rules and law. Similarly, many of the places listed here have historic value and may be protected by laws regarding historical and archaeological sites.


By their very nature abandoned places are often unsafe. The buildings may be structurally unsound and a floor or roof might collapse at any time. Wild animals and poisonous plants may have taken up residence in the area. Vagrants may be living in some of the buildings. Some places may require travel on poorly kept roads, or in areas where there are no roads at all, or even crossing bodies of water—all with risks involved. Visiting many of the places listed here may put you in physical danger:  in danger of bodily harm or even death.


Thus, please consider yourself warned. Should you choose to visit the places listed on this site you do so knowing that you may risk facing criminal charges and/or bodily harm or similar hazards. Under no circumstances should the owners, creators, or contributors of this website, LouisiaAbandoned.com, Potpourri of Entropy, LLC, or any associated entity be held liable for any loss, pain, suffering, etc. that may result from the use or misuse of the information provided here.